How to earn with your project materials

4 Easy Steps:

 Step 1:


 Sign up for an account here

 Step 2:

 Upload project materials

 You can also write new project materials/reports and upload.

 Step 3:


  For each project material you upload:

  • Get an instant payment of ₦1000
  • On first-time sale of the project material, you will get : Your Selling Price - ₦1000
    e.g If Your Selling Price = ₦5000, you will get ₦4000
  • On subsequent sales of the material, you will get 60% of your selling price
    e.g If Your Selling Price = ₦5000, you will get ₦3000 on each sale

 Step 4:

 Cash out

 Request for a cash out and your money will be transferred to your bank account.


Earn commissions

Earn commssions by referring your friends and colleagues. Whenever your friends upload their project materials, you earn. The more you promote, the more you earn. You can
also share your project materials on your social media accounts.

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