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Design and fabrication of domestic deep freezer

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This project is on the design and fabrication of deep freezer for the preservation of items/products and making the items to cool. The project is able to develop a simple efficient economical and environmentally friendly refrigeration system (A freezer) towards better technological advancement in Nigeria. This project modifies the existing refrigeration system with the use of R-600a which is ozone friendly and non-contaminant like the previous refrigerant of the hydrofluoric-carbon, HFC and CFC like R-12, and R22 which has been phased out according to the general convection at Britain in 1996. The cooling load obtained was 10682KW, and co-efficient of performance be minimized. The material used was mild steel and the inner pipe of the cabinet i.e. evaporator in order to minimize corrosion. For the better improvement of this work, low power consumption of the compressor refrigeration was used so as to maintain the rate of cooling and freezing of large items/products. And the outer dimensions are: length-1245mm, breadth-895mm-0. 895m, Height-906mm-0.96m and the inner dimensions are Iength-1225mm-1.225m Breadth-895mm-0.895m, Height-886mm- 0.886m....
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