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The comparative analysis of recreational facilities for housing estates

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From time immemorial recreation, like walking, shopping and worshipping have been an important aspect of living. Festivals, dances, games and music’s, have always been a part of life, although at the time they have been looked upon in groups. However, recreation its various forms had expanded to an unprecedented degree especially in the developed world. Life in an unplanned city and town is an unnatural type. As a result, well-designed town or city should contain sufficient play, grounds, local recreation and organized open spaces. This does not make the area beautiful but also grants it a special character and a personality on its own, however, the importance of recreation to the individual and the society, in general, is treated, and this dissertation is based on the residential of Adewole Housing Estate in Ilorin. The study aimed of appraising the functionality of recreation facilities available in the Estates through the use of questionnaires concepts of recreation is done and the classification of recreational activities in chapter two and chapter three contains the explanation of the analysis. It also deals with a review of the existing recreational facilities for the estate. Chapter four deals with implementation and management strategies and chapter five deal with summary, recommendation, and conclusion....
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