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Teleconference system

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This project topic, Teleconference System, is one of the state of the art invention and need of many organizations for purpose of reducing cost, risk and time wastage. This project strives to bridge the geographical distance between two or more organization. Other importance of teleconference includes: (i) For organizations, delivery costs are reduced with resultant cost benefit in terms of time, traveling and spread of resources over large groups. (ii) Delivery of full courses, lessons, tutoring, project work and training can be provided to the students through teleconferencing. The study outlines the main concepts of the analysis and design methodology of the proposed system, compares it to the existing and goes further to explain the design and implementation of the system. The system was achieved using visual basic 6.0 and run on a windows 7 or higher versions. The fact-finding techniques employed are interview, observation, online and library research....
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