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The construction of automatic voltage inverter and a battery charger

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Automotive voltage inverter is an important area in power system engineering. It is the process of using a 12v DC from the battery to achieve a 220/230V AC through the help of oscillator, drivers, power transistors and transformer. The stages are battery to oscillators, oscillators to drivers, drivers to power transistors then from power transistors to transformer which is capable of giving out 220/230V (1000w) as an output. A 1.25KVA (1000w) voltage inverter was constructed, tested and certified okay. Since the inverter as constructed to step-up voltage, the power transformer is used as step-down for charging and as step up transformer for inverting. This project helps in the improvement of the epileptic power supply we are having in Nigeria and it also reduces the high level of power dependence in Nigeria by serving as IPP’s (Independent Power Plants). The project as run in school helps in equipping the students in the practical aspect of the course....
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