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Design and implementation of a computerized hotel business billing system

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This work is carried out to identify and discuss the need for a computer system in hotel business billing system a case study of Modotel Hotel Limited Enugu. A hotel business is a hospitality industry which caters for both leisure and well being of its guest. The duties of hotels are to offer accommodation to their guest and to render services to them. These services are usually personal. The focus on this topic is to introduce computer in the allocation of rooms and billing system of a hotel. The result of this project is aimed at eliminating the tedious work which is associated with the making reservations and keeping an account in the hotel. The methodology used in designing this work is a structured system analysis and design method, the programming language is HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP while the database is MySQL database. This system when fully implemented, it will also save storage system for guest who has stayed in the hotel before. ...
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