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Design and implementation of students grade point average system

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Grade point average calculation can be a continuous process of converting data (scores, grade points credit units etc) into definite meaningful information (statement of result, etc). These results are used to check the performance of each student in various courses. These results when processed manually, lead to many problems such insecurity of result, errors during computation, untidy results after changes must have affected, the workload on the exam officer(s) etc. However, computerizing examination grade point average calculation system will reduce these problems to their barest minimum. Providing password can do this, grant access to only authorized user(s). Corrections or changes are effected without making the work untidy. Also, stress on exam officer(s) is reduced. The software used for this computerization was developed using the structured system analysis and design methodology (SSADM). Visual basic programming language 6.0 was used to generate the codes. After the results have been processed using the codes. After processing the results, it generates output automatically when correct and complete data are entered. ...
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