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Design and implementation of online student registration and payment system

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This work introduces a computer-oriented approach to the registration process of students in - as opposed to the Manual process that is currently in use. Although there may be a computer system existing already in the department used for staff and student’s services, it cannot handle the automatic registration of the students since it was not initially designed for online registration and fees payment. The loopholes in the existing system (manual) will be taken into account in designing the new system. All the system’s specification required to put the system into operation will be considered. This online operation will be made to be user-interactive. The programming language to be used for the system’s design and development is PHP and MySQL.This system will be designed to process students registration into the school. The system used an algorithm that will sequentially generate the students'' REG. NO without a duplicate in them thereby making the system efficient to its function and operations. This work is expected to eliminate the shortcomings of the existing system thereby being an explicit solution to implicit problems inherent in the system....
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