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Discuss the mass media in National Security matter

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   Date Posted: Jul. 6, 2019

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Anonymous Jul. 6, 2019

The mass media in National Security matter National Security, from my perspective, is defined as a multidisciplinary subject which ranges from the core values of our society, national enterprise such as Defense, internal security, economic security, food security, security interest of the people and technological security. Concept of national security has become an extremely challenging task where restrictions have been introduced to State issues Unfortunately, the term “national security” has long been used as a symbolic concept of a policy which has a wide and ambiguous meanings. Some definitions equate the concept of national security to the State and Centre all related policies revolving around Nation . However, there has been a change in the school of thought of strategists wherein the concept of national security has changed merely from the security of the State to the security of the citizens. In the view of Water Lippmann (1943), a nation is secure to the extent to which it is not in danger of having to sacrifice societal core values. The need to safeguard the political system, society and its people have become important to the overall national security. Consequently, National Security, as a concept in the contemporary structure of a Nation, is highly entwined with the ease of governance and our constitution provides the key to our national security policy The concept of national security is theorized into two broad classifications: The recognition and Preservation of State Security based on territory Societal security based on fundamental human right, protection of life and property These assumptions remain interdependent on national security architecture of a nation. The media and national security policy of a nation have a strong connection in the contemporary environment and this connection is better understood by public opinion in times of war or internal and international crises. The Responsibility of the Media The primary focus of the media is on issues that benefit the general public. The media has a responsibility to uphold fairness, justice, national unity and international cooperation. The traditional role of the media in any society is to inform, educate, entertain, publicize and most importantly correct the excesses in any society. The media is a means of communication that reaches or influences people widely. It has a significant place in the statecraft machinery especially in the age of information revolution It is the source of information for a society regarding any issue, be it local, regional or global. People rely and even trust what is presented to them by the media The Media as the Fourth estate and watchdog of the society plays crucial role in national development. The media shapes the perceptions of government, and influences public opinion, promote democracy, good governance as well as influence peoples’ behaviour and support people- oriented policies. The media as a strong instrument for nation sovereignty is also referred to as the vanguard for political, economic and social development. As stated earlier, the dynamics of media impact on national security varies from country and cannot be underestimated. In develop countries, the attention and support people give to issues is in direct proportion to the amount media coverage. American government has invaded and fought several wars with different countries, for example, the media was embedded in the operation Iraqi freedom war. This enabled a constant flow of braking news report to both American and international audiences through television cable channels and their internet web sites. The integration of the media in the prosecution of the Iraqi war greatly influenced the opinion of the Americans. It is

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