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Industrial placements are out there: how to get one - Fast!

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 Posted: 10/19/2017 7:01:00 AM


Guide to getting I.T/SIWES Placement in Nigeria

Do You Know that it’s very much easy to get your industrial placement in Nigeria?


You would ask, “So, why haven’t I gotten any?”


In this post, I will share the major reason why you find it difficult to secure that perfect I.T / SIWES placement and some great resources to help you get one – Fast!


Guide to getting I.T/SIWES Placement in Nigeria


You know?


In our present age, it is generally understood that access to useful and useable information gives the possessor an uncommon and unparalleled leverage compare with those ignorant of such information. Majority of those who make headway and succeed in life’s endeavors are those who rightly arm themselves with needed information and so leverage on this.


There are students who nonetheless struggle in finding Industrial placement because they are ignorant; because they are not adequately furnished with information that will make them breakthrough at getting SIWES placements in Nigeria.


Some erroneously believe that success in getting industrial attachment is exclusively a function of godfatherism without corresponding actions of hard work on their part. Thus, we see many of them going about with the “MAN-KNOW-MAN” attitude without them actualizing that perfect internship they’ve been hoping for. Some go about looking for an industrial placement at the wrong places but end up getting nothing.


Why Haven’t You Gotten Your Industrial Placement?


The reason you’re still looking for internship placement is probably because you do not have the right information that can help you translate your hard work into success. The truth is that you totally put your hope in godfatherism to get your SIWES industrial placement. if you can take the requisite steps toward getting yourself properly informed about where to look for internships in Nigeria, then actualizing that perfect internship is much easier.


For you to read this post, I believe you do have almost unrestricted access to the internet as a vast source of information. But why have you limit your internet usage to social networking and miss bytes upon bytes of information that can get you, in some cases, high paying internship opportunities?




The first step to getting this information is to take time out to make meaningful searches on popular search engines like google.com, ask.com, yahoo.com etc. also, you can sign up to a website that sends occasional newsletters containing information on current internship opportunities in Nigeria. Some of such websites include (but not limited to): EduAnsa.com


How To Use Eduansa.Com To Land Your SIWES Placement


Signing up to this website will require that you have a functional email address. The word “functional” is important as many just have an email address but don’t regularly check or use them. You can also check out this page from time to time to get current and updated information on internship opportunities.


Another source of information on intern jobs is the printed media. So, while the internet seems indispensable, you should not neglect newspapers and other periodicals that may contain such sought-for-information.


See: Reasons You Shouldn’t Rule Out Local NewsPaper for Your Job Search


The students’ affairs units of the various higher institutions are also very good sources of viable SIWES industrial placement information so they should be visited regularly. Networking with industry professionals at conferences is also very good means of getting your industrial training placement. So, avoid missing conferences, or you stand a chance of missing life-transforming opportunities.


What do you suggest?


We certainly welcome all your comments and suggestions. Let us know what you think!

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Ansa John is a content writer at EduAnsa. He writes to inspire young people by providing educational yet engaging content and connecting them with scholarship and internship opportunities that help set them up for success after graduation. Connect with him on: facebook.com/eduansapage, twitter.com/edu_ansa, and linkedin.com/10444593

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