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Assessment of potassium bromate in bread produced from Aba metropolis

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This work was carried out in the eastern part of Nigeria to investigate the presence of residual potassium bromate in bread. 25 different brands of bread were sampled from Aba metropolis. The samples were analyzed using a previously reported method (David 1976). A freshly prepared 1% potassium iodide in 0.1N hydrochloric acid was used to develop the colour. The result revealed that all 25 bread samples contained residual potassium bromate. Sample A, C, R, S, T, W and X did not show any visible colour change when treated with potassium iodide. Sample C and X 26mg/kg has the lowest concentration of residual potassium bromate. Sample B 146mg/kg has the highest quantity. Sample N and Y 108mg/kg also recorded quantities above 100mg/kg. Potassium bromate usually used as a bread improver is a carcinogen. All bread samples are therefore considered unsafe for human consumption....
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