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Unemployment and involvement in crime in urban communities

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The topic of this research study is unemployment and involvement in crime in urban communities the major reasons for this study includes that urban centres including Owerri, are said to be affected by unemployment and involvement in crime. Among the objectives of the study are to investigate if there is a relationship between unemployment and crime, to ascertain if involvement in crime is related to the job types. Two hypotheses were developed to the study which are the is a significant relationship between unemployment and involvement in crime. There is a relationship between job type and the particular types of crime. The instruments for data collection were through both primary sources and secondary sources. The primary sources include structural questionnaire while the secondary sources include books, journals, and internet. Data analysis techniques due to the need to affect a thoroughly efficient and objectives the researcher subjected the data collected through scientific methods to a fairly detailed analysis. Findings from the hypotheses, it was proved that the kind of job one is doing can strongly lead him to crime in Owerri urban. Recommendation government should provide jobs for the youths and they should remove corruption in their minds....
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