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Production of -1.00-2.50×80 on a single vision plastic lens

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This study involved the fabrication of a bifocal lens with the prescription -1.00/-2.50×80°. The prescription takes care of two different refractive errors which are myopia and astigmatism. The lens production is meant to alleviate the problems that arise in these visual impairments. This project work tends to give the guidelines on how lenses are fabricated in a surfacing lab using a semi-finished CR39 plastic lens blank. The lens blank is starting life of every spectacle lens. From there, the lens goes through a generation where the rough part is ground using the surfacing generator. Smoothing and polishing are the final stages where the surface and shape of the lens is finished to specification and the prescription order was properly gotten. The precautions taken during the production were stated as the project was recommended for further research....
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