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Plant resource control as an effective tool to project delivery in building industry - a case study of Imo State Ground Construction Company

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During the recent years different people in charge have been considered about different costs of the plants in the construction industry. Usually it seems to be a big challenge for different people in charge and mainly contractors to decrease the costs of the projects through the optimum use of construction plant resource control in order to increase the quality of the project and decrease time and cost. During the current study, researchers have been investigated about the construction plant used in the construction sites and also its effect on the quality and also time of the project. Forty three people in charge with the construction projects have been participated in the current survey. After analyzing the required data through SPSS software and based on the mean index of the scores five items have been identified as the most important issues in the construction management regarding the use if plants namely: The effect of spare parts availability to decrease downtime, the effect of employing expert mechanics to increase the repair quality, impact of gasoline and petrol availability to decrease wasting the time, impact of periodic control and serviceability of plants and equipment to increase productivity, impact of training persons who are involved plants and equipment to increase productivity. It goes without saying that extracted factors have significant role in the construction projects and different contractors should consider them in their projects. ...
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