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The impact of corporal punishment on pupils' academic performance in primary schools

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This research study is based on the investigation of corporal punishment and its impacts on pupils’ performance in primary schools. Corporal punishment can be defined as"The use of physical force intended to cause pain, but not injury, for the purpose of correcting or controlling a child’s behavior" Straus and Stewart (1999). It may be of various types such as slapping, pinching, punching, smacking, kicking, and shaking as well as impel through different objects like wooden sticks, belts, pins and different hurting postures. Punishments termed over here are also injurious to the physical, mental and personality development of the children. It affects their mentality. It may result in harmful side effects which become the risk for child development in schools. They become a hazard to society. In previous times children were being treated in a very brutal way and it put a very bad effect on their personalities. Their performance became deficient. Some experiments proved that a child grows more in a friendly environment rather than a cruel one. So keeping this in view, physical punishments have been banned in some territories. The purpose of current research work is also to throw light on the issue that how physical torture fractures the personalities of children studying at primary, middle and secondary schools. They cannot focus on their studies. They show offensive behavior in their daily routine life in a society. So, the present study is a directive path for the teachers and parents that how they can adopt substitute ways to enhance the students' capabilities without using physical punishments....
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