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Conservative management of ankle injury using orthopedic cast

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The aim of this study was to achieve the use of cast technique in the conservative management  of ankle injuries using cast in National Orthopaedic Hospital Dala, Kano State. One of the major objectives of the study was to know the success of treating an ankle injuries using orthopaedic cast in National Orthopaedic Hospital Dala-Kano, and to also update and present those facts  about the new finding on casting technology in the modern health care services such as conservative management of an Ankle fracture among others. To achieve this, survey research was used, questionnaires were distributed to the targeted population of the study which were 72 respondents including in and out patients and some clinical staff by the use of simple random sampling. The study concluded that, Ankle injuries and Fractures can be treated either surgically or nonsurgically using orthopaedic cast through conservative management. The study also recommended that Priority should be given on conservative management than surgical management, unless if it is not indicated or failed. Also, the hospital management should provide an ideal casting room and employee cast technicians in the hospital which will have an accurate diagnosis and management....
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