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Design and implementation of online data bank profile tracking system

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The present world is technology-driven as it is employed by many fields in the performance of their operation. In the case of law enforcement agencies, this is evident in the use of data bank profile tracking system (DBPTS) worldwide to keep records of crime and criminals involved. Crime being an act against the law of a society is a threat to the well-being of the populace and so, requires efficient and effective monitoring. For this reason, DBPTS has been developed to achieve this purpose. However, in Nigeria, the DBPTS employed is majorly manual, which is, the use of pen and paper. These records are therefore susceptible to destruction from pests and uncensored manipulation by both authorized and unauthorized personnel. This crude method has resulted in problems in the areas of authenticity, security, retrieval, storage, and exchange of information within the immigration. This research aims to design and implement a computerized real time (DBPTS) for the (immigration). In developing this DBPTS, the waterfall model of system development was adopted through the stages of requirement elicitation from stakeholders of the DBPTS to the design and analysis of the system using tools such as entity-relationship diagrams for the database and use case diagrams which describe user requirements. The system was implemented using Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) for a highly interactive graphical user interface, PHP and MySQL for a robust database. The DBPTS enhances efficiency in correcting the problems earlier stated and it is an effective tool for easy analysis of data which will improve the immigration’s law enforcement operations, it also allows for criminal records check by others forces the application of the DBPTS will result in lower threat level to the Nigerian citizens, thus, improving national buoyancy. ...
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