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The role of Zakkat in alleviating poverty in Kano state - a case study of Tarauni local government

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The purpose of this study was to find out"the role of zakat in poverty alleviation in Kano state (a case study of Tarauni local government area, Kano state)". To guide this study, three research questions were raised and tested. The design of the study was survey design. The major findings of the study Islam has given a comprehensive solution for poverty alleviation. This system, if implemented in true spirit and totality, has the potential not only to alleviate poverty but also to increase economic activity, decrease unemployment and uplift the living standard of the people. Finally, it was recommended that Holistic approach should be adopted in implementation of the Islamic teaching in all walks of life to get the best results and to save the people from hardships in their lives in this world and hereafter. Islam promotes education for all including men and women as education leads towards the recognition of the Lord of the worlds and self respect besides sense of responsibility among the masses. It pursues the people to earn their livelihood by adopting respectful means. So government should assure free and compulsory education to all children and the young persons. It is also recommended that technical and vocational institutions should be established in remote areas on priority basis along with urban areas. This will be helpful in alleviation of poverty in rural areas along with urban areas. The cost of zakat collection should be minimized by its institution so as to collect more and disburse to the deserving recipients with a view to alleviating poverty in the study area....
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