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Disadvantages of night clubs in our society - causes and remedies from Islamic perspective

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The research aimed to produce a sealed collection of remedies from Islamic Perspectives. The objectives of the research is to gather the disadvantages of night clubs and its causes within the Muslim society of Kano state and then to simplify some terms relating to what is taken place in nightclubs like musical instrument, intoxicants and nudity by given their literal and technical definitions, and to rectify such disadvantages and causes from Islamic perspectives using Qur’anic verses, authentic prophetic traditions and the correct views and right opinions of almost all the famous scholars of Islam especially the leaders of four school of thoughts. The method utilized in the research was qualitative method of enquiry, library books, interviews were also used. The research findings are: to know that the Islamic perspectives is just and fair, and that adhering to Islamic Teachings is the soluble way of solving any societal problems in all times and at all places....
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