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Developing a decision support system for diagnosing and treatment of Lassa fever

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This research work was carried out to design and develop a computer program that will support the user in making a decision on Lassa fever. Expert system software that would emulate human medical experts exclusively on Lassa fever. Based on this the automated system will ask several questions and from the questions asked, a deduction will be made and results will be given and possibly they could be recommended for a blood test. Symptoms and risk factors associated with Lassa fever are taken as the basis of this study. In case of diagnosis, the system asks a bunch of questions about the symptoms and risk factors through the expert system user to the person diagnosed, where the person gives a yes or no answer to perform risk analysis and a check on possible opportunistic infections associated with the disease. According to the answers, the system gives percentage possibility and advice for laboratory test persons diagnosed to be negative are then advised through the expert system user on how to stay negative, while the persons diagnosed positive of the virus are enrolled for collection of drugs so as to stay alive and healthy. The system is drawn up with PHP/MYSQL expert system building tool in a Windows environment. ...
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