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The effect of malnutrition in children from 1 - 5 years - a case study of Kumbotso Lga of Kano state

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The study examined the effect of malnutrition in children from 1– 5 years a case study of Kumbotso LGA of Kano State. The study had four objectives, four research questions. Survey and observation method were used for research design of the study, questionnaire was adopted as research instrument of data collection and data were analysed in tabulated using contingency tables such as frequency and percentages. The study found that poor nutrition among children under-five years cause poor development of a child whether physical, social, emotional, intellectual etc and also cause lack of interest and study also found that about 90% of the respondent agreed that children that are well nourished perform better academically person that malnourished of 3 years above.  The study concluded that parents ought to have some basic knowledge on how and when to feed their children given all the benefit of breastfeeding, mothers should breastfeed their babies for the first six month of life disregarding their traditional and cultural beliefs. The study further recommended that there should be an urgent need to invest in programmes that will enhance the knowledge of infant nutrition in Nigeria which the parents should follow to avoid malnutrition among children and public enlightenment campaigns directed at dissuading customers/consumers from the use of infant formula should be adopted and encouraged to do away with the cultural beliefs associated with breastfeeding. ...
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