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Design and implementation of solar powered borehole with water level cut-off

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The design and implementation of solar-powered borehole with water level cut-off (both well and tap) was carried out to provide adequate and sufficient water needed for consumption and for domestic purpose (about 5,000 litres per day), for the electrical engineering complex at the federal polytechnic Bida, both human, plants, animals and other living things which is reliable and has little maintenance cost. This project can be achieved in two ways and that is Battery-coupled and Direct-coupled system but direct-coupled is used in this project. The method used in installing the project. Includes conceptualization of the project, design of the project, breakdown of the design into modules and sub-modules, assembly and installation of individual units, testing project and documentation. The project was designed to pump 5,000 litres of water within 11 hours with a water hole diameter of 30mm and a total height (head of 70m), at 48V DC as the input voltage and 16amps as the input current also with (250/6)Watts panels in parallel each at 8.4amps making a total of 16A. The methodology consist design of the project, construction of water level controller, assemblage and installation of the individual unit, testing other overall installation.   As such the aim of pumping 20,000 litres of water within 11hours was completely achieved and the water was able to pump but with reduced flow rate. The conclusion of the project is aimed to provide adequate water supply in all our society as an alternative to reducing the scarcity of water in our environment. It is therefore recommended that, the project implemented to enhance the development of the solar-powered borehole. The project was tested. Hence, the objective of the project achieved. ...
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