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Design, fabrication and test run of a single column vegetable oil refiner

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A single column oil Refiner is designed, fabricated and tested. Some of the prime key components of this refiner are the activated carbon bed, filter bed, neutralization tank, settling tank, heating filaments, thermostat fibre etc. This fabrication is aimed at refining general vegetable oils and fats. In this research, three samples were refined (Groundnut oil, Palm kernel oil and Shea butter) and then physiochemical analysis of the samples was carried out before and after refining. The test running of the refiner was evaluated for settling and heating time of the oil and optimum operating conditions by activated carbon and neutralizing the oil with caustic soda in the neutralization tank after which it has been heated so as to evaporate the available water to the required moisture content for safe storage. The test showed that the maximum efficiency of the refiner was obtained using the caustic soda regent for neutralization and oil recovery which were 78.5% and 87.6% on the average respectively. ...
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