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Effect of price differential on consumer patronage for Omo and Elephant detergent - a case study consumer in Bida polytechnic community

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The project was undertaking to discover the effect of price differential on consumer patronage which is of great importance to the long success of any marketing programme. In the process of conducting this research work, the reason for the difference in the price of Omo and Elephant were discovered and were formulate to guide, the conduct of the project. Comprehensive research was carried out known as the literature review. It was based on the existing literature relating to the topic being studied and the application of the existing feels to the achievement of the task of the research in executing the research work, the research employed the use of questionnaire and personal interview and data were obtained from the primary and secondary sources. The sampling procedure used was random sampling. The data collected therefore have been analyzed and formulated earlier to guide the research work. Some of the findings include: It was discovered from the research that consumer patronage of a particular branch of detergents depends on the satisfaction derived from it. Majority of the respondent rated the price change for detergent as high there is a unanimous agreement among the respondent that the prices of detergent affect their purchase. ...
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