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Knowledge attitude and practice of exclusive breastfeeding among mothers in Dokodza Bida, Niger state

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Breast milk is known to be the best food for infants because it contains all the nutrients in the correct proportions. It is readily produced, easily digested and assimilated as the correct temperature is always available at no cost. Exclusive breastfeeding protects the child from potentially unsafe food or water. Despite the strong evidence and wide publicity on its benefit, exclusive breastfeeding has remained low in Northern Nigeria. This research, therefore, is aimed at assessing the knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding and attitude, practice among mothers in Bida Dokodza Area, Niger State. The data were obtained and analyzed using descriptive statistics. 120 mothers were selected who gave birth to live infants using stratified and simple random sampling techniques. A well-structured questionnaire was administered to collect data from the respondents. The practice of exclusive breastfeeding was analyzed using a 4 point Likert scale. Findings revealed that majority of the respondents (72.5%) had high knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding. However, only a few respondents intend to practice exclusive breastfeeding. Periodic retraining of relevant health workers to enhance the spread of information to improve their knowledge and promote good health, attitude and practice among mothers is necessary. ...
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