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Assessing the cyber security awareness level of tertiary institution students

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Internet-based attacks have become prevalent and are expected to increase as technology ubiquity increases. Consequently, cyber security has emerged as an essential concept in everyday life. Cyber security awareness (CSA) is a key defense in the protection of people and systems. The research presented in this article aimed to assess the levels of CSA among students at a tertiary institution level (case study of Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kano). A questionnaire tested students in terms of four variables: cyber security knowledge, self-perception of cyber security skills, actual cyber security skills, and behavior and cyber security attitude. The responses revealed several misalignments, including instances of"cognitive dissonance" between variables, which make the students potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The findings demonstrate the need for targeted CSA campaigns that address the specific weaknesses of this particular population of users. ...
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