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Construction of a direct online starter

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A direct on line starter, often abbreviated DOL starter is an electrical/electronic circuit composed of electro-mechanical and electronic devices that are employed to start and stop an electric motor. Regardless of the motor type (AC or DC), the types of starters differ depending on the method of starting the motor. A DOL starter connects the motor terminals directly to the power supply. Hence, the motor is subjected to the full voltage of the power supply. Consequently, high starting current flows through the motor. Electric motors can run in both forward and reverse direction depending on the requirement of the application where it is to be installed, for example, like in a conveyor system which would require moving on both directions of items contained in the conveyor table. When such arrangement is necessary for a certain type of application, then a forward reverse motor controller is applied to the control circuit of the electric motor to achieve this purpose. Again the device required for the possibility of this operation is the magnetic contactor. This work is on operating forward and reverse of a direct online starter using contactor. ...
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