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Effect of cigarette smoking on the health status of youths in Nigeria

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Cigarette smoking continues to raise serious concerns for health promotion practitioners and health bodies globally. It has been tagged the single largest cause of all premature deaths globally. Efforts at discouraging cigarette use especially among the youth are not only aimed at reducing smoking prevalence in the short term but at disrupting the chain of supply for the tobacco marketers who see the youth population as their source of replacement smokers. Measures to curb smoking prevalence currently rely heavily on policy regulation but there is need to have a holistic approach towards finding out what influences the youth to smoke in order to have relevant context-specific interventions to further cigarette control efforts. This study is aimed at ascertaining the risk influences for smoking behaviour amongst the youth in Nigeria with specific focus on cultural/environmental factors that lead to cigarette smoking. Findings from this research work revealed that 72 respondents representing 65.5% of the population were male while 38 respondents accounting for about 34.5% were female. Concerning age distribution, the results obtained indicates that out of the 110 people who responded to the questionnaire, only 3 were above 41 years old and they have a percentage of 2.7%, 18 respondents representing 16.4% of the population are within the age bracket 31-40, 67 respondents accounting for 60.9% of the population are within the age bracket 21-30, while 22 respondents with a percentage of 20.0% are within the age bracket of 16-20. The Nigerian government needs to take urgent steps to address the tobacco question in the country through policy formulation and implementation. There is need to raise more awareness in the population on the dangers of smoking. Cessation clinics are also needed to help those who desire to quit smoking....
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