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Challenges of osteoarthritis and its management in older adults above 65 in Awuda village, Anambra state

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This study was carried out to assess the challenges of osteoarthritis and its management in older adults above 65 in Awuda community, Anambra state.  A questionnaire was used to obtain data from 220 selected participants data collected were baseline demographics, respondents’ knowledge and challenges to the management of osteoarthritis. The study showed that the overall respondents’ knowledge about diabetes was good because 72.4% of subjects were aware and had heard of the disease and knew the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Challenges identified include lack of finances (88.2%), inadequate knowledge of treatment (85.3%), culture and beliefs about illness (75.6%), availability of effective treatments (80.7), adverse drug reactions (78.3%), and complexity of the medical regimen (72.5%), forgetfulness (78.7%) and misunderstanding of treatment instructions (62.5%). In conclusion, the knowledge of osteoarthritis influences the management of osteoarthritis among older adults in Awuda village, Anambra state. Though cause and effect cannot be determined, modification of factors that are subject to change may help to reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis. This shows that there is still a lot of work to be carried out as regards education, awareness and diagnosis of individuals for osteoarthritis. There is need to improve community/public education, and information awareness as this would increase the collective knowledge and freedom level from sedimentary behaviors and risk-prone lifestyle that will encourage osteoarthritis. This should be done using different forms of media....
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