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The effect of social distancing on the Nigerian economy - a case study of corona virus disease

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This research work empirically explored the effect of social distancing on Nigeria's economy - a case study of corona virus disease. The objectives of this study were to examine the level of coronavirus disease in Nigeria, investigate the impact of social distancing on the Nigerian economy. The scope of the study is Nigeria, The infectious disease transmission mechanism theory was used as a framework. The research design used for this study is survey, the population targeted for this study consists of all residents of Lagos state, Ogun state and FCT.  400 residents were used as sample size and cluster sampling technique was applied. Instrument used for this study is the questionnaire. Data collected were collected from primary sources. From the analysis of the data, the findings show that the level of coronavirus disease in Nigeria is average, social distancing has a significant effect on the Nigerian economy. Following the findings, it was recommended that measures should be devised to curb the spread of the virus and vaccine created so as to prevent further hinge on economic activities, economic agents should devise a means to function as normal even if it entails making use of online means. The study concludes that social distancing has a negative effect on the economy of Nigeria. Keywords: coronavirus disease, Nigeria economy, social distancing, Nigeria. ...
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