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Thomas Aquinas human dignity and Igbo society

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In contemporary theories of existentialism, it is generally asserted that the human person is a solid subject and a person, focusing on the fact that the human person is not only a unique and sensibly characterized idea, but essentially a strong existing subject who exists alongside his fellow men and immediate environment. However, the Igbo understanding of the individual person shows some resemblance to Aquinas human dignity as the individual is complete and essentially realizes himself within the society. This research employed Aquinas idea on human person highlighting his sense of human dignity as a powerful tool to understanding the dignity of the human person in the Igbo society as well. Human life is sacred and valuable hence, life and value for the person and individual as a unique identity are at the core of human dignity. This study sought to match that anchor to the Igbo society.  This work focused on how the almost non-existent dignity of man has affected the Igbo society, and how this human dignity can be restored to attain a normalized and peaceful society. This will be done from the stand point of Thomas Aquinas, who wrote extensively on human dignity and the society. There is a need to reaffirm the esteem and dignity of the person. The need for the sustenance of this value becomes imperative for Igbo people because a lot of their culture, tradition and ethics are seen to circumvent around it. This work brings to the fore these issues from the perspective of Aquinas and aligns them to contemporary society. ...
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