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Linguistic stylistic analysis of Toni Morrison Sula

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Stylistics is the study of linguistic features of a language and style is a pattern of writing that distinguishes one category of writing from another. This study attempts a stylistic analysis of Toni Morrison’s Sula a checklist of linguistic and stylistic categories will be applied as a theoretical frame work. The checklist which comprises of lexical categories, grammatical categories, Graphology, Phonology, lexico-sematics and foregrounded features will be employed. In the lexical category, it is noticed that the author's use of nouns most especially the use of proper nouns, takes the largest share of the major word classes. These nouns play a very great role in describing the characters, the setting and the locations as well. Through the use of adjectives (that contributes the 2nd largest number from the major word classes), the researcher will be able to describe the physical and psychological features of the character and setting. Verbs the third dominant group of the major word classes, have played an important role in the text. This role in making meaning accessible to the reader will be achieved by describing actions in the novel. The least represented in the major word classes are adverts. They perform a different sematic function such as manner, place, degree and time....
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