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Managing cooperative as a small and medium business enterprise (a case study of proda staff cooperative thrift and loan society Emene, Enugu state)

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Cooperative movement is by a large product of the altered socio-economic condition brought about by industrialization and a better farming economy in many of the advanced countries well as the developing countries. Cooperative movement is designed to bring independent persons together for the betterment of their economic condition. Cooperative one or the other have been used for effectively in one form or the other. Labour combination of Agro-industrialization development programme with the aim of promoting more egalitarian distribution of economic growth in all communities. Hence the slogan“self help through mutual help” by cooperators. The government of a country has been helping in the formation of cooperative societies since it is a way to improve the economy as well as the standard of living of the populace, greater emphasis has been laid on rural development and self dependency and sufficient in food production. In Enugu state and in Nigeria as a whole urbanization for instance is taking place at a rap rate owing to a variety of such factor as immigrations growth of industrialization and high rate of population increase....
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