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The significance of advertising to business organizations in Nigeria - a case study of Unilever Nigeria Plc, Oregun, Lagos State

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I am writing this project in an attempt to investigate the significance of advertising to business organizations, emphasis on Unilever Nigeria plc, Apapa. In accomplishing the purpose of the study, the followings shall be looked into: In chapter one, we shall look into the background of the study, statement of the problem, aims and objectives of the study, research questions, significance and need of the study, limitation and delimitation as well as definition of key terms. Chapter two deals with the literature review“definition of advertising, historical background, types of advertising, aims and objectives of advertising, developing an advertising campaign, advertising media and importance of advertising. Chapter three deals with research methodology research design, which are population and sample size, source of data,   method of collection, data analysis and validity and reliability of instrument. Chapter four deals with presentation analysis and interpretation of data. It involves presenting data collected, analyze those data and make use of it. Chapter five contains summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations. This project work will be prepared in a way that all will be useful for business organizations and academicians. ...
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