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Route survey of Avu-Oforola road in Owerri West local government area, Imo State

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This project is on the route survey of Avu - Oforola road, and route survey as an aspect of engineering survey could be referred to as a survey carried out to acquire data for the design, setting out and construction of roads, utility lines, railways etc. The project work started from chainage 0+000 of the back gate to chainage 6+650 at Avu market junction.  A (K TS 45) total was used to run the traverse from start to finish and on the six (6) intersection points (IPs) established along the 6km route it was used also to determined the benchmark heights. After the completion of the traverse along the 6km route, profile leveling was then carried out along the centre on the bench, ark established along the route using an automatic level with an E- Staff. The data acquired in the course of the traverse were used in determining the possible horizontal alignment of the road, and the deflection angles were also measured at the intersection of the points which were later used to determine the radius from the highways engineering design table and the tone chainage of the road together with the curve parameters were calculated from it. ...
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