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Application of marketing variables in the growth of the transportation industry in Imo State

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The main aim of a business is to attract and retain customers who will use the companies'' various products/services to meet their needs or solve their problems. The main purpose of this study is to determine how the application of marketing variables will aid in the growth of the transportation industry in Imo State, and also to achieve or accomplish the organizational goals and create satisfaction for customers. Research questions were asked, problems identified and objectives set. At the same time some existing literature on the subject matters were retrieved and the services, so ABC transport industry in order to satisfy their customers effectively and increase growth. Based on this study, some conclusions were made from the findings and they included: i. That the companies'' service industry can serve their customer well and still realize long-run profits and growth if they can apply the marketing mix effectively. ii. That the inability of the company to create a separate marketing department and research department may be responsible for the dissatisfaction of few number of their customers with some of the company’s activities. Five research questions and two hypothesis were formulated with guided the study. Chi-square (x2) was used to test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The analysis is presented by the use of tables chi-square (x2) and simple percentage to enable one to have an overview. Some of the finding principles were based on high quality service, accessibility and fare charged when compared to other means of transportation. To change the minds of non-customers of ABC transport, intensive promotions is needed by the management, improvement on technological requirements will improve the output quality and service always made at affordable price. ...
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