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Fire alarm system using GSM telephone ringer

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This project focuses on the design and construction of real time security outfit that employs GSM network and a conventional smoke cum fire detection system that will enable users to remotely monitor their home security outfit using a cell phone based interface. In this scheme photo-electric detector (herein after called detector detects the smoke and heat by a couple of infrared disorder. As the saying goes"there is no smoke without fire". The principle of detecting is that granule in the smoke can reflect infra-red light infrared diodes are placed in the chamber. The chamber can shield external light, but do not affect the smoke into it. If there is no smoke, the diode received a very weak infrared light. When the smoke enters the chamber, it receives more light thus GSM signaling is automatically initiated via the control unit so that the proper operation can be carried out. The detector is suitable for detecting the fire in the house, shop, hotel, restaurant, office building, bank, library and store house etc....
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