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Design and implementation of a web-based luggage billing system

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Instruments used for weighing are found in many organizations at the sea and airports for weighing of luggage, at the post office of Arik for weighing and billing determination of items. Normally these organizations make use of ordinary bulky scales in analog form. The problems with these techniques are the bill of a read weight of item and inefficiency. The aim of this project is therefore to design, develop and implement a viable software system that may be modified to read analog signals translated by Analog-Digital-converter (ADC). The designed system accepts the unit weight of items and rate (depends on the distance), computes bills and generates a comprehensive airbill for parcel/luggage section of Arik airline. The system is expected to be very fast in computation precise in bill determination, flexible, easy to read and has storage facilities. It is intelligent and therefore can be easily adjusted and adapted to suit other applications not incorporated in this design by hardware expansion and software modification. A thorough description of the hardware design and requirement of an automated luggage weighing device that may implement the developed software system has been given as a standpoint for further research. The application was developed with PHP and MySQL. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing web-based applications. ...
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