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Attitude and practice of mothers towards exclusive breast feeding in selected markets in Ilorin metropolis

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This study assessed mothers' attitude and practice towards EBF in selected markets in the Ilorin metropolis at Ilorin East Local Government Area, Kwara State. The topic introduced and relevant works of literature reviewed. A non-probability sampling method of purposive sampling technique was used to select fifty (50) respondents. Self-developed structured questionnaire containing 32 items and divided into four sections were used. Data were collected, collated and chi-square was used to test the hypotheses. The findings reveal that majority of mothers 18 (36%) within the age range (25-30 years) form the majority of mothers involved. Larger percentage were married and also have numbers of children between 3-4 with Yoruba tribe constituting n45 (90%). Majority of the mothers understand and could define exclusive breastfeeding correctly for which the source of information was from hospital staff n 35 (70%). Majority affirmed that EBF was initiated immediately after birth and a larger proportion of respondents agreed that colostrums should not be discarded and also that EBF enhances intimacy between mothers and infants. n 44 (88%) The practice of EBF among market women were good but not total, other factors that influenced the practice of optimum breastfeeding (EBF) were also noted.  There was a significant relationship between attitude and practice as calculated value (cal 19.6751 which was greater than the table value also no significant relationship between the factors affecting the practice of mothers on EBF and their practice (cal value) (cal 6.373 it was recommended that nurses should serve as a role model in the society and organize a campaign social support group within the community where they can be referred to promote optimum breastfeeding of infant,  government empowerment to the market women in the community is also advised.   ...
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