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Influence of broken homes on the academic performance of primary school pupils

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This project work deals with the effect of broken homes on the academic performance of students in College of Education, Ekiadolor Benin City. School of Vocation, School of Science, School of Arts and social sciences, School of Language all in College of Education Ekiadolor Benin City. In pursuance of the study, certain effects which require solution were identified and they are that students from broken homes suffer a lot of psychological and emotional disturbances, which leads to academic and social backwardness in schools. Insecurity and unrolling attitudes lead these students to steal items that do not belong to them in school, to actualize this, a specially planned questionnaire was used as the only medium of data collection., the questions were framed to arouse the respondents'' interests in the issues in which responses are elicited so as to make a true and uninfluenced but sincere choice from the alternatives. Questionnaires were distributed out all were collected back. Owing to the result of finding the following recommendations were made that parents should build their family on some foundation of how mutual understanding and good planning in order to bring up children who will be useful to themselves and to the society. The governments should establish a legal backing slating the age at which our youths should go into marriages to prevent the frequent occurrence of divorce.     ...
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