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Process of package water production and its hygienic practice - case study of Betlad Global Serve Venture

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This research work is about the process of package water production and its hygienic practice, a case study of Betlad Global Serve Venture, No. 17, Crown Estate opposite Army Barrack, Lokoja, Kogi State. It is presented by given few words of introduction, historical background of Lokoja area, statement of problem, purpose of study, justification of the study, objective of study, research question and research hypothesis. Chapter two literature reviewed using, chapter three, discussion method involved in the research highlighting the most significant and analyze method (questionnaire). In chapter four again talk about the outcome of the data collected and were analyzed for the purpose of understanding and clarify in relation to this research work. the summary of finding were been computed out in order to harness this project work of the research. Recommendation were of fared toward the development of the ongoing situation of the case study area of Lokoja, Kogi State. ...
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