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Student e-voting registration system

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Voting systems have been present for a long time but with the emergence of new web technologies, the conventional electoral process, be it is for the general election or for electing candidates for student council in a university, should be modernized. Electronic voting is one of the most troublesome overhauls faced to obtain a perfect outcome hence, this innovation touches the heart of the whole electoral process that is voting and tallying of the votes. Online voting significantly decreases direct human control which is viewed as a positive point but at the same time, it presents an entire scope of new concerns. This paper provides the specification and requirements to meet the University of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. Waterfall methodology covers the entire system development life cycle from the identification of a solid problem to background research about the topic to analysis, design and implementation of a web-based application. The concluding sections cover the application testing and evaluation as well as possible enhancements to the application....
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