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Design and Implementation of Websites for Transport Companies ( A Case Study of ABC Transport Company Nig. Plc )

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As the society becomes more dependent on information technology (IT) to store and obtain information quickly and efficiently, there has been increasing concern on how easy information could be accessed, retrieved as easy as possible. The internet in its ever-evolution state is becoming a serious method of business communication and data transfer worldwide. As a matter of fact, this project explores the world of electronic business and electronic commerce. It discusses the design, management and maintenance of an electronic business, which include accepting online payments, booking, ticking, online registration, job search, web serve accessibility and database design. It also discusses some common web hosting services and web accessibility.  This project work was properly arranged to the understanding of a layman and finally, the website was designed in pages but the scope was limited to the ABC Transport Company Nig Limited. The programming language was Microsoft ASP.NET and HTML. This language was chosen because of its object oriented features and class libraries for developing online applications. ...
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