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Design, construction and testing of a solar dryer

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The solar drying system utilizes solar energy to heat up air and to dry any food substance loaded, which is not only beneficial in that it reduces wastage of agricultural produce and helps in the preservation of agricultural produce. Based on the limitations of the natural sun drying such as exposure to direct sunlight, liability to pests and rodents lack of proper monitoring, and the escalated cost of the mechanical dryers, a solar dryer was therefore developed to cater for this limitations. This project presents the design and construction of a domestic passive solar dryer, the dryer is composed of solar collector (air heater) and a solar drying chamber containing rack of three trays both being integrated together. The air allowed in through air inlet is heated up in the solar collector and channeled through the drying chamber where it is utilized in drying (removing the moisture content from the food substance or agricultural produce loaded). The design was based on the geographical location which is Abeokuta and meteorological data were obtained for proper design specification. The dimensions of the dryer was 94cm x 45cm x 101cm/ 20cm (length x width x height). Locally available materials were used for the construction, chiefly comprising of wood (gmelina), polyurethane glass, mild steel metal sheet and net cloth for the trays....
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