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Fabrication of an industrial trolley

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This is a project on the construction of an industrial trolley. The trolley is a mechanism that allowed man to transfer their heavy items such as computers, files and etc. to other places. It helps man to do their work without having a problem due to the heavy loading. It also helps to reduce pain in the waist, back, hand and feet. No matter how light the loading is, people usually will have severe pain in their body if lifting the items many times. So, this is when the people rely upon a trolley that can transfer items many times with just a little effort. From the statement above conclude that the trolley playing a major role as an item transferring mechanism for people without having a problem doing that. A trolley also functioned as a helper to people to hold items orderly while transferring between rough lands. The trolley was constructed in the welding workshop where marking and cutting was the first approach in the construction. The cutting of the steel galvanized pipe and plate will be used for fabrication. Metal welding was the next step, all parts were joined together using a welding machine and an electrode. Flat bar was bent to an appropriate angle and attached to the trolley which serves as a base to lock and open the cylinder. The industrial trolley was tested and it was able to carry 50kg weight of oxygen and acetylene cylinder. The importance of this trolley is to ensure easy movement of cylinders and machine tools from one place to another....
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