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Design and implementation of radio controlled car lock with 5min ignition deactivation

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The rate of car theft nowadays according to daily crime analysis is on the increase. Manual key locks have proven to be inefficient. This thesis aims at designing a radio-controlled car door locking system. The two main objectives are to unlock a set of vehicle doors when the owner approaches his or her vehicle and to lock the vehicle after the owner leaves. In addition to automatic door locking the system monitors the engine for inactivity. After five minutes of inactivity of the driver, the engine automatically deactivates. In order to design this system, the establishment of wireless communication between the vehicle owner and their vehicle is required. The radio transmission must ensure vehicle security and also be reliable in various climates. In this study, I am using a radio frequency identification mechanism for the automation. RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is an inexpensive technology, can be implemented for several applications such as security, asset tracking, people tracking, inventory detection, access control applications. The door locking system is implemented using a passive type of RFID which can activate, authenticate, and validate the user and unlock the door in real time for secure access. The advantage of using passive RFID is that it functions without a battery and passive tags are lighter and are less expensive than the active tags. A centralized system manages the controlling, transaction and operation task. The door locking system functions in real time as the door opens quickly when a user comes near the vehicle. The system also creates a log containing the check-in and check-out of each user along with basic information of the user. ...
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