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Design and implementation of fake product review monitoring system

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The existence of fake products can directly harm a company's growth as well as consumers. Various organizations have been using many initiatives and modern technology to prevent counterfeit goods. But the company that manufactures a real product have introduced many modern technologies such as barcode and QR code. Fake item producers can go to the extent of even building barcodes (existing system) for their products so that when scanned, the result will show the existence of the product. Presently, there is an inefficient system for reviewing the authenticity of foods, drugs, computer technology products, electronics, petroleum products. Hence this has directly or indirectly promoted the production and sales of fake products. The objective of this study is to develop a fake product review monitoring system that will be able to test and confirm the true attribute of lumerterm anti-malaria drugs. The system was developed using HTML and Javascript as front-end while Microsoft SQL was used as the backend....
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