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Knowledge, attitudes, practices and perceived benefits of environmental sanitation among adults in Osogbo local government area Osun state, Nigeria

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Environmental sanitation is the principle and practice of effecting healthful and hygienic conditions in the environment to promote public health and welfare, improve quality of life and ensure a sustainable environment. Proper environmental sanitation reduces the spread of diseases. Some of these tropical diseases that have become difficult to control due to the filthy conditions of our environment are malaria, cholera, diarrhea, Ascaris, lower respiratory infections and unintentional injuries. This is contrary to the notion of environmental sanitation which aims at developing and maintaining a clean, safe and pleasant physical environment in all human settlements. The aim of this study is to assess knowledge, attitudes, practices and perceived benefits of environmental sanitation among adults in Osogbo Local Government Area, Osun State. The result of these findings shows that 96.2% of the respondents have heard about environmental sanitation and 31.1% got the information through televisions. 97.8% of the respondent said Thursday is the sanitation day as mandated by Osun State Government.  83% of the respondents have good knowledge of environmental sanitation and 78% of them have positive attitudes towards environmental sanitation. The socio-demographic variables‘religion and level of education have a significant association with the respondents’ attitude[at p-value 0.05, 0.049, 0.039 respectively] and also the level of practice is significantly associated with their sex and level of education at p-value 0.003, 0.042 respectively. Based on the findings of this study and subsequent recommendations, it is concluded that, though the respondent practices are positive, the practice of environmental sanitation should also be an import for the government to ensure continuity through proper supervision and monitoring. Keywords: Environment, sanitation, environmental sanitation. ...
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