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Perceived attitudinal disposition of health information managers towards psychotic patients in University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

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It was found out that all health information managers admitted to having heard of psychosis before. It was also confirmed that it is necessary for health information managers to have a relationship with psychosis patients as 93% of the respondents supported that notion. Observations show that health information managers do not respond negatively to psychosis patients in their facility as all respondents were in support. According to research majority of the respondents (96%) says patient comfortable with the level of care given to them in the hospital, while 4% says they are not. Furthermore, 71% of the respondents say staff mood affect their relationship with psychosis patient while 29% says it does not. When asked about their level of comfort with the care given 80% of the respondents said to be comfortable with the care given while 20% are not comfortable with the care, the same 20% of the respondents admitted to having been ignored by the officer when they go to the hospital while 80% said to have not been....
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