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Effect and control practice of malaria among the people of Maraba community, Ilorin East local government Kwara state

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The rationale to carry out a study on the effect and control practice of malaria among the people of Maraba Community is because malaria is a public Health problem that affects the tropical region. Therefore Maraba Community was chosen for the study because it could represent the general condition obtained in most communities of the tropical region in terms of environmental factors. Socio-economic and housing pattern. However, a study on the effect and control practice of this disease in any community becomes necessary. The principal objective of the study goes thus: To determine the knowledge of people in the community about the sources/causes of malaria infection and also to determine the nodes of prevention and control practices employed in the community including such as incidence rate, complications of untreated cases and so on. The stud)y was designed as a descriptive and 100 questionnaires are designed by the investigator to elicit information from respondents and simple percentage was used to analyze the data which was presented in tabular form from the result or findings. lt has shown that. The educational status has influenced greatly the knowledge of the people about the cause of malaria. Because 50% of the total respondents knew that mosquito has a role in causing malaria. An appreciable number of the respondents are aware of common effects or complications of the disease such as dark-colored urine, convulsion, Anemia etc. conclusively. There is absence of any religious belief against the control of the disease and this is another factor that will assist in controlling and preventing the disease. It is also hoped that this study will be of benefit to the reader and society at large in the guest to control this tropical menace called"malaria’’ ...
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